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The Northwest Ohio Terminal Facility will employ over 200 full-time employees upon completion in 2011.

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Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
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Maryland Benefits

The National Gateway delivers more than $2 billion of public benefits to Maryland.

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The National Gateway provides more than $10 billion in public benefits in the route's first 30 years of operations – that’s $36 in public benefits for every $1 of public money invested.

The National Gateway:

  • Decreases fuel consumption by nearly 2 billion gallons by promoting the use of environmentally friendly freight rail
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions by almost 20 million tons
  • Improves safety and reduces highway maintenance costs by converting more than 14 billion highway miles to rail
  • Saves more than $3.5 billion in shipping costs

Growth & Jobs

The National Gateway will create thousands of job opportunities and increase traffic at our nation’s ports which will stimulate economic activity in America’s port cities and help the nation become more competitive in the global economy.

Safety & Service

Moving more freight by rail alleviates highway congestion, driving highway safety improvements and a reduction in highway maintenance costs.


Fuel-efficient trains reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

Supporting States

States stand to realize valuable benefits, including increased tax revenue, less highway congestion, a reduction in highway maintenance costs and less air emissions.