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Chambersburg Terminal

Construct Terminal

The CSX Intermodal Chambersburg Terminal is an 85-acre facility close to the center of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The facility allows shippers to take advantage of intermodal transportation, the ability to move freight containers from train to truck without any direct handling of the freight itself. Intermodal transportation combines the long-haul efficiencies of rail with the short-haul flexibility of trucks to achieve cost-effective, efficient and reliable freight transport.

Photo Gallery

Despite chilly weather, a crowd gathers to welcome M. Ward, Governor Rendell and Congressman Shuster.
Mr. Ward and Gov. Rendell tour the CSXI Chambersburg facility following the event.
Michael Ward discusses the benefits of the National Gateway project with Congressman Schuster.
CSXI Chambersburg Terminal Manager, Alison Smith poses with Michael Ward and Governor Rendell

Update & Progress

Project Status
December 16, 2009

The CSXI Chambersburg Terminal opened to business on September 7, 2007.