Chambersburg Terminal FAQ

What will the National Gateway mean for the CSXI Chambersburg Terminal? The construction of the National Gateway would allow the Chambersburg terminal to handle double-stacked trains and dramatically increase its cargo transfer capacity. How many people does the CSXI Chambersburg Terminal employ? Thirty-five employees manage and operate the terminal from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM each day. What kinds of products move through the terminal? The terminal completes between 200 and 250 container “lifts” per day containing anything that can be bought at your local retailer – from household electronic equipment to clothing and candy. Where is the freight moving through the CSXI Chambersburg Terminal going? The facility receives one train every morning and deploys one every evening. The terminal directs incoming cargo from the West Coast and Chicago to local and regional warehouses and distribution centers via truck. The terminal also routes cargo to destinations including Chicago, Dallas, California, Oregon and Washington.