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Transportation and environmental goals often conflict with one another, but don't have to!

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Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

The CSX Intermodal Chambersburg Terminal combines the long-haul efficiencies of rail with the short-haul flexibility of trucks to achieve cost-effective,...

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North Baltimore, Ohio

The Northwest Ohio Terminal Facility is a 185-acre world-class freight distribution hub – and the nerve center of CSX’s intermodal network. The terminal...

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Creating Jobs

The National Gateway will create thousands of jobs and increase traffic at our nation’s ports; stimulating economic activity in America’s port cities and boosting our competitive edge in the global economy.

Promoting Growth

States stand to realize valuable benefits from the National Gateway, including increased tax revenue, less highway congestion, a reduction in highway maintenance costs and air emissions.

Sustaining the Environment

The National Gateway will create significant long-term environmental benefits by strengthening our nation’s most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly form of surface transportation: our freight rail system.

The Future of Freight

Infrastructure enhancements such as the National Gateway are critical for rail transportation to help create jobs, promote growth and sustain the environment.